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Oakley Raeee: The Transgender and Plus-Size Model Who Is Breaking Barriers

A transgender plus-size model named Oakley Raeee is becoming well-known on social media and in the fashion world. She promotes body positivity, works as a digital influencer, and is expecting a child. She shares her life, style, and message of self-acceptance and love with her more than two million Instagram and TikTok followers.

Early Life and Transition

On June 12, 2004, Oakley Raeee was born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of musician and producer Ryan and well-known YouTuber and singer Maite Rae. Ryder, a brother, and Rylee, a sister, are her two younger siblings. Oakley was raised in a caring and encouraging household and has always had a fascination with style and aesthetics. She also thought that she was born into the incorrect body and battled with her gender identification from an early age. When she told her parents she was transgender when she was twelve, they accepted her choice to change. When she was sixteen years old, she had gender confirmation surgery and began hormone therapy. Her name was formally changed from Oliver to Oakley as well.

Modeling Career and Social Media Fame

At the age of 14, Oakley Raeee began modeling when a talent scout found her on Instagram. She started working with many companies and magazines after signing with a modeling agency. In addition, she started her own TikTok and Instagram pages, where she shared pictures and videos of her daily routine, cosmetics, and attire. Her confidence, charisma, and attractiveness won her admirers, and she soon developed a devoted following. She also made use of her position to inform and educate others about the rights and concerns of transgender people. She rose to prominence in the industry as one of the most prominent and prosperous transgender and plus-size models, appearing in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. She has also worked with well-known people, including Demi Lovato, Lizzo, and James Charles.

Pregnancy and Motherhood

When Oakley Raeee revealed her pregnancy in January 2024, she shocked both her followers and the general public. She disclosed that, before her transition, she had frozen her sperm and utilized it to produce a child with her lover, Tyler, a male cisgender. On social media, she revealed the pleasures and difficulties of being a transgender, plus-size pregnant woman, as well as her prenatal journey. She also encountered some opposition and censure from those who doubted her suitability and entitlement to motherhood. In response, she declared that she was confident in both her child and her body and that she was not scared to prove to the world that transgender women could also be moms. On July 15, 2024, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl who was called Olivia.

Body Positivity and Activism

Oakley Raeee is a vocal advocate for body positivity and diversity in the fashion industry and society. She embraces her curves and her stretch marks, and she encourages her followers to love themselves and their bodies. She also challenges the stereotypes and stigma that surround transgender and plus-size people and calls for more representation and inclusion in the media and culture. She is involved in various campaigns and organizations that support transgender and plus-size people, such as the Transgender Law Center, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and the Body Positive Movement. She also speaks at schools and events and shares her story and her message of hope and empowerment.

Style and Beauty

Oakley Raeee is renowned for her vibrant, daring style as well as her beauty. She enjoys experimenting with various styles and looks, and she uses her wardrobe to convey her individuality and attitude. She produces stylish, exciting, and flattering outfits by combining various pieces and accessories. She enjoys experimenting with hair and makeup as well, and she posts examples of her talent and originality on social media. She frequently provides her followers with guidance and advice, in addition to doing tutorials and reviews of various brands and items. In addition, she owns Oakley, a clothing and beauty brand with inclusive, well-made, and reasonably priced items.

Future Plans and Goals

For the future, Oakley Raeee has a lot of plans and objectives. She hopes to carry on with her modeling career and collaborate with additional magazines and businesses. She also hopes to increase the number of individuals she reaches with her material and message on social media. Her goal is to expand her collection of beauty and clothes while also making them more varied and approachable. She desires to support more causes and organizations near and dear to her heart and become more actively involved in activism and philanthropy. She aspires to be a good partner to her boyfriend and a wonderful mother to her daughter. She wants to lead a fulfilling life and be content and healthy.


Transgender plus-size model Oakley Raeee is inspiring people and shattering stereotypes. She promotes body positivity, works as a digital influencer, and is expecting a child. She shares her life, style, and message of self-acceptance and love with her more than two million Instagram and TikTok followers. She is one of the most well-known and successful transgender and plus-size models in the business, having collaborated and appeared in numerous publications. She also actively fights against the stigma and misconceptions associated with being transgender and plus-sized. She is a confident, proud woman who has no problem showcasing her identity and abilities to the world. With her voice and elegance, Oakley Raeee is a trailblazer and role model who is transforming the world.


  1. Who is Oakley Raeee, and what is the inspiration behind the name?
    • Oakley Raeee is a creative force known for diverse artistic expressions. The inspiration behind the name may vary and could be rooted in personal experiences or artistic symbolism.
  2. What mediums does Oakley Raeee predominantly work in?
    • Oakley Raeee is known for exploring various mediums, including visual arts and digital platforms. The versatility of the creative maven is reflected in the diverse range of artistic expressions.
  3. How does Oakley Raeee engage with the community and collaborators?
    • Oakley Raeee actively collaborates with others, contributing to the community’s artistic landscape. Whether through joint projects, exhibitions, or digital platforms, collaboration is a key aspect of the creative journey.
  4. What notable achievements or recognitions has Oakley Raeee received?
    • Oakley Raeee’s journey is marked by various achievements and recognitions, showcasing the impact of the creative force on the artistic community. Specific details can be explored to understand the milestones achieved.
  5. Where can one follow Oakley Raeee’s latest projects and updates?
    • For the latest updates on Oakley Rae’s projects and creative endeavors, following the artist on social media platforms or checking official websites is recommended. Stay tuned to witness the unfolding chapters of this creative odyssey.

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