Soujiyi: The Ultimate Platform for B2B Lead Generation and Sales Automation

Getting around the complexity of international trade can be difficult. Among the difficulties, firms have include locating clients, controlling communications, and maintaining organization. Here’s Soujiyi, an AI-powered platform that streamlines and automates a number of your international trading processes.

What is Soujiyi?

The Chinese phrase soujiyi translates to “data easy.” Another platform that simplifies data for B2B sales and marketing is called Soujiyi. Sam Lee, a seasoned veteran of the international trade sector with more than 20 years of experience and proficiency in B2B sales and marketing, launched Soujiyi. His idea to develop a platform that may address typical problems and difficulties in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing gave rise to Soujiyi. These include:

  • Locating and gathering quality leads
  • Developing and distributing efficient, customized email campaigns
  • Overseeing and streamlining the process and sales funnel
  • Cutting down on the price and duration of client acquisition
  • boosting client retention and conversion rates

What are the features of Soujiyi?

Soujiyi offers four main features to its users, which are:

  • Email Finder: Using your desired consumer profile as a guide, this function locates and gathers pre-verified leads for you. Leads may be found through a variety of sources, including customer websites, Yelp, Google, Bing, Yellow Pages, and Google Maps. You can also harvest leads from any website with just one click by using the email finder plugins for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. You may add the leads straight to your Soujiyi account, from which you can get more information such as their social media profiles, phone numbers, email addresses, and WhatsApp accounts.
  • Drip Campaigns: This tool facilitates the creation and management of automatic follow-ups and customized email campaigns. You may utilize Soujiyi’s pre-made templates or create interesting and personalized email templates with ChatGPT. Additionally, you may program triggers to send an infinite number of follow-ups in response to the recipient’s actions, such as opening, clicking, responding, or unsubscribing. Campaign performance metrics, including open rate, click rate, reply rate, and conversion rate, are all trackable and measurable.
  • Sales CRM: This tool aids in the management and workflow optimization of your sales pipeline. Leads may be moved along the pipeline by dragging and dropping them, and you can establish several pipelines for various products, markets, or stages. Additionally, you may arrange appointments and reminders with your leads and synchronize your Google Calendar with Soujiyi. Each lead’s specifics and actions, including notes, tasks, emails, conversations, and more, may also be seen and updated. Insights and data on your sales success, including transaction value, win rate, loss rate, and more, are also available to you.
  • Data Subscription: With its simple 7-tier verification, this functionality helps you lower bounce rates and maintain a clean database. To obtain verified and current email addresses, you may either utilize the email list that Soujiyi provides or submit your list. With its gray-listing bypass method, Soujiyi guarantees a 98% accuracy rate. To incorporate Soujiyi’s verification service into your system or application, you may also utilize the email verifier API.

How to use Soujiyi?

Using Soujiyi is easy and simple, as you only need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up: To use Soujiyi, just sign up for a free account and receive 50 free credits. Moreover, you have a variety of options to select from based on your budget and demands. You can choose to pay yearly or monthly and stop at any moment. Additionally, you may ask your group members to sign up for Soujiyi so you can work together on your marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Locate leads: To locate and gather leads from several sources, utilize the email finder tool. You may obtain a list of verified and relevant leads by entering your keywords, filters, and criteria. The email finder extensions may also be used to gather leads from any website. You may examine the leads’ details and information by adding them to your Soujiyi account.
    build campaigns: You may build and manage email campaigns and follow-ups using the drip campaigns functionality. You may also send an infinite number of follow-ups and set up actions and triggers. Your campaigns’ performance may be monitored, examined, and adjusted as necessary.
  • Handle pipeline: You may streamline and manage your sales process by using the sales CRM tool. Leads may be moved along different pipelines that you might construct. In addition, you may plan appointments and set up reminders using Google Calendar syncing. Additionally, you can create reports and gain insights into your sales success, as well as examine and edit each lead’s data and activity.
  • Check data: You may update and check your email data by using the data subscription function. To obtain verified and current email addresses, you may either utilize the email list that Soujiyi provides or submit your list. Additionally, you may include Soujiyi’s verification service in your system or application by using the email verifier API.

What are the benefits of using Soujiyi?

Using Soujiyi has many benefits for B2B sales and marketing, such as:

  • Efficiency: By automating and optimizing your sales and marketing procedures, Soujiyi saves you time and effort. Finding and gathering leads can be done more quickly and easily. Email campaigns and follow-ups can be made and executed with less effort. Your sales funnel and workflow may be managed and optimized more conveniently.
  • Effectiveness: By offering you precise and high-quality data, customized and interesting email content, and sophisticated and intelligent analytics, Soujiyi helps you enhance your performance and outcomes. More potential consumers may be reached and connected with, and this will raise your conversion and retention rates as well as improve sales and income.
  • Innovation: Soujiyi uses big data and artificial intelligence to keep you one step ahead of the competition. Additionally, you may find new possibilities and trends, as well as improve your strategies and solutions, by utilizing Soujiyi’s data and insights.

What do customers say about Soujiyi?

Customers who have used Soujiyi for their B2B sales and marketing have expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the platform, as shown in the following reviews and testimonials:

“Soujiyi is the top platform for sales automation and generating B2B leads. It has aided in the expansion of my company and raised my earnings. It has a robust and user-friendly email campaign tool, a sizable and verified database, and an efficient sales CRM. To anyone searching for a B2B sales and marketing solution, I heartily suggest it.”
“I’ve been using Soujiyi for more than a year, and I find the platform to be really impressive. I’ve been able to locate and establish contact with more prospects, as well as design and manage successful, tailored email campaigns. Along with tracking and analyzing my sales success, it has also assisted me in managing and streamlining my sales funnel. It revolutionizes B2B marketing and sales.”
“Soujiyi is a fantastic B2B marketing and sales tool. Although it offers many features and advantages, artificial intelligence technology is the most remarkable feature. It creates a natural-sounding language for email writing, client profiling, and content production. It has helped me increase my email response and conversion rate, and it is clever and inventive.”


Soujiyi is more than simply a word; it’s a cultural inheritance rich in custom, importance, and meaning. We learn about its significant influence on society by investigating its historical roots, cultural meanings, and contemporary interpretations. May we treasure Soujiyi’s essence and protect it as we continue to traverse the complexity of the contemporary world, respecting its rich legacy for future generations.


  • Is it free to use Soujiyi? A free package with restricted functionality is available from Soujiyi. Higher-use caps and more features are available with paid subscriptions.
  • Which languages is Soujiyi capable of supporting? At the moment, Soujiyi supports Chinese and English.
  • Is Soujiyi safe to use? Yes, Soujiyi adheres to industry rules and places a high priority on data security.
  • How can I begin using Soujiyi? To explore their features and register a free account, go to their website.

Is technical knowledge required to utilize Soujiyi? No, even for people who are not tech-savvy, Soujiyi is meant to be simple to use and intuitive.

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