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Kandy Fenty: The Eldest Sister of Rihanna

The well-known singer, actress, and entrepreneur Rihanna is half-sister to Kandy Fenty. Her father, Ronald Fenty, is the musician Rihanna’s father. She was born in Barbados in 1971. Crystal and Brandy are her two daughters; she is married. She keeps a low profile and stays out of the spotlight while working as a pharmacy assistant. Despite coming from different origins and lifestyles, she has a close relationship with her sister and her brothers. We will go deeper into the life, profession, family, and connection between Kandy Fenty and Rihanna.

Early Life and Family Background

Her maternal grandparents in Barbados were the ones who raised Kandy Fenty. Until her mother told her the truth when she was a teenager, she was unaware of her father’s identity. At that time, Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braithwaite, was married to Ronald Fenty, her father; therefore, she made the decision to search for him. When she discovered him at his house, she identified herself as his daughter. Though taken aback, Ronald accepted her into his family. At the age of three, Rihanna was one of his other children that he also presented to her.

On her father’s side, Rihanna, Samantha, Rorrey, Rajad, and Jamie are Kandy Fenty’s five half-siblings. Leroy, her mother’s half-brother, is another relative. In spite of their separation and notoriety, she stays in constant contact with each of them. She spends a lot of time with them, visiting and celebrating their marriages, graduations, and birthdays. She also encourages them in their pursuits of success, particularly Rihanna, who has become one of the most prominent and prosperous celebrities globally.

Education and Career

In Barbados, Kandy Fenty finished her high school education at a public institution. She subsequently went on to the University of the West Indies to obtain a degree in business. She also experimented with a few commercial ventures, demonstrating her spirit of entrepreneurship. She did, however, decide to pursue a more modest and steady career as a pharmacy assistant. She supports her community in Barbados by working at a neighborhood pharmacy. She takes pleasure in her work ethic and dedication, and she enjoys her career.

Personal Life and Interests

Crystal and Brandy are Kandy Fenty’s two daughters. She is married. She resides in a cozy house in Barbados with her family. She is a privacy enthusiast and would rather avoid the media spotlight her sister is receiving. She hardly performs interviews and has no social media presence. She enjoys the little things in life and spending time with her loved ones when she has free time. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.

In addition, Kandy Fenty attends a nearby church and is a devoted Christian. She obeys God’s commands because she believes in Him. She also attributes her success in overcoming obstacles in her life to her faith. She tries to give back to society and the less fortunate since she is appreciative of the possibilities and privileges she has been given. She supports a number of humanitarian and philanthropic issues, including education, health, and animal welfare.

Rihanna and Kandy Fenty’s Relationship

As sisters, Rihanna and Kandy Fenty have a special and distinct affinity. Despite having distinct personalities and lifestyles, they are very much in love and respect for one another. In addition, they share a great deal of characteristics, including their looks, voices, sense of humor, and love of music and the arts. Through phone calls, SMS, and video chats, they frequently converse and stay in touch with one another. When their schedules permit, they also get together to visit and spend quality time together.

Throughout their lives’ highs and lows, Rihanna and Kandy Fenty have stood by one another. They have supported and rejoiced in each other’s accomplishments, including Rihanna’s Grammy awards, fashion presentations, and business endeavors. They have also supported one another through their challenges and tragedies, including Rihanna’s violent marriage to Chris Brown, Kandy’s miscarriage, and their father’s drug abuse and COVID-19 diagnosis. As sisters and friends, they have always supported one another.


Global music sensation Rihanna’s elder sister is Kandy Fenty. Born in 1971 in Barbados, she is the daughter of Rihanna’s father, Ronald Fenty. She has two kids, Crystal and Brandy, and is married. She lives a modest life away from the spotlight and works as a pharmacy assistant. Despite having distinct lives and upbringings, she has a close relationship with her sister and her siblings. She has a unique tale to share and is an amazing and engaging person. She is a kind and giving person, a committed and diligent worker, and a proud and devoted sister.


  • What is the true name of Kandy Fenty?
  • Kandy Fenty is the actual name of the person. She doesn’t go by a nickname or stage name.
  • What is Kandy Fenty’s age?
  • In 2024, Kandy Fenty will be 53 years old. 1971 was her birth year.
  • Who is the spouse of Kandy Fenty?
  • The identity of Kandy Fenty’s husband is kept a secret. Her personal life and marital status have remained confidential.
  • Is Kandy Fenty a mother of children?
  • Crystal and Brandy, Kandy Fenty’s two daughters, are her offspring. They are in their twenties and reside in Barbados with their mother.
  • How much money does Kandy Fenty have?
  • By 2024, Kandy Fenty’s net worth should have increased to approximately $500,000. Her business endeavors and her work as a pharmacy assistant have contributed to her wealth.

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